#13 Dance Yourself Awake with
Natalie Southgate
In this week's conversation I chat with Natalie Southgate who is the creator of Chakradance.  This is a beautiful dance/yoga technique that helps you to connect to your body through your chakra energy centres.  Click HERE to listen.
#14 Managing Menopause Naturally with Angela Counsel
Menopause doesn't need to be a time where you take synthetic hormones or pharmaceutical drugs.  It is possible to manage your symptoms with herbs, nutrients, diet and essential oils.  Click HERE to listen.
#15 Creating a Next Chapter Business with Angela Raspass
Many women in their mid-stage of life decide that they would like to start a business or pivot from an existing business.  Angela is a business mentor who guides women to start what she calls a Next Chapter Business.  If you have been thinking of starting a business click HERE to listen.
#16 Sacred Conversation with Chantal Vanderhaeghen
In this episode I chat with Chantal from Unfold Your Freedom.  This conversation was taken from a video that I recorded for Chantal's community on menopause. Click HERE to listen.
#17 Menopause in the workplace with
Thea O'Connor
Menopause is rarely spoken about in the workplace and Thea O'Connor is on a mission to change this conversation.  Thea shares how she is approaching different businesses to make allowances for women in menopause.  Click HERE to listen.
#18 Courage to Bloom with
Brenda Tsiaousis
Brenda is the author of the book Courage to Bloom and shares her story of creating a faith based business.  For many years Brenda hid her faith from the public eye because she was afraid that it would impact her business. Click HERE to listen
#19 7 Steps to navigate menopause with ease
with Angela Counsel
In this episode Angela takes you through the 7 steps to help you navigate menopause with ease.  These steps form the basis of the work that Angela does with her clients and her programs.  These are also the steps she took to reduce her symptoms associated with menopause. Click HERE to listen.
#20 Menopause for women without children
Chantal Vanderhaeghen
What happens if you reach menopause and you haven't had the children that you always wanted.  This was Chantal's experience.  She went into menopause earlier than expected and had always thought that she had enough time to have children.  Click HERE to listen
#21 Women gathering in circles with
Mitle Southey
Women have been gathering in circles for thousands of years and Mitle Southey wants modern women to come into circle.  Mitle trains women on how to hold their own circles and in this conversation we talk about the sacredness of a women's circle.  Click HERE to listen.
#22 How food impacts your Hormones
with Angela Counsel
The food you eat not only impacts the way you feel it also impacts your hormones.  As your hormones start to shift foods that you used to eat may not be the best choice for you now, particularly if you are concerned about your weight. Click HERE to listen
#23 The Power of a Peaceful Woman
with Jennifer Forster
It was a special gift that helped Jennifer get her life back on track after everything fell apart for her.  Jennifer wrote about this gift and the lessons in her book - The Power of a Peaceful Woman.  There is a twist to the story the Jennifer shares that had me in tears.  Click HERE to listen/
#24 Love your liver to balance hormones
with Angela Counsel
Many women don't realise the important role that the liver plays in balancing their hormones.  Many symptoms that are associated with menopause are due to a sluggish liver.  In this episode I share some tips to help you to support your liver and reduce your symptoms.  Click HERE to listen.